Customer rewards and incentives help
improve customer advocacy and engagement

Give your customers something they truly care about, can ethically accept, and that will inspire them.

Improve Customer Advocacy

Use customer rewards and incentives to motivate your customers to take desired actions. Without rewards and incentives, your customer marketing results will suffer. Your customers have lots to do and acting as an advocate for your company is not a priority. With the right type of rewards, you will get more; referrals, references, and testimonials.

Decrease Costs

Charitable donations have been shown to deliver higher conversion rates at a lower cost than alternatives such as gift cards.

Charitable donations sent via ConnectGood are receipted and eligible for tax deductions or tax credits.

Create Positive Emotions

Create positive emotions by making charitable donations to worthy causes that your customers choose and care about.


Stand out from your competitors by offering charitable donations as customer rewards and incentives. Let the competition give out gift cards, prepaid cards, and promotional items. Give your customers something they will care about. ConnectGood is also compliant with vendor relation policies.

Improve the Results of Your Customer Marketing with ConnectGood:

Use customer rewards and incentives to motivate
customers to take desired actions with:

SaaS Platform

Cloud-based service that is secure and highly available. The application can be accessed via any web browser.

Recipients Choose their Favorite Charity

Stop sending your customers gifts they don’t want or can’t accept. Give them the choice of which charity or cause to allocate the funds you send.

Fully Automated

Charitable donation disbursements, credit card processing, tax receipting, tracking and reporting are all automated.


Users select the amount to donate and personalize the message sent to each recipient.

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