Increase customer references activity by using charitable donations as rewards and incentives. Enable customer to choose their favorite charity. Encourage more customers to act as references, more often.
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Increase customer references activity to improve your customer marketing results. References are a critical component of the B2B buying process. Customers who are willing to serve as references to your new prospects can make the difference between winning or losing a sale. But getting customers to agree to act as a reference is challenging.


You can’t keep asking the same set of customers to act as references. At some point, their goodwill will diminish. You want to avoid ‘reference burnout’. Developing referenceable customers is hard work. Don’t cause disengagement by asking your customers for too much.


Give your customer advocates an additional reason to agree to do another reference. Do it in a manner that customers can feel good about being a reference. 


Show customer appreciation for their references by sending them a charitable donation that they can allocate to their favorite charity. ConnectGood is an innovative way to acknowledge the value your customer has given to you by providing a reference.


Use ConectGood today, to increase customer references activity in a way that everyone can feel good about.

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