Explore the Connectgood features


Fully Automated

Users enter their profile information once and the platform will use the same data and credit card for each ConnectGood that is sent. Tax receipts are issued automatically once a ConnectGood is accepted. ConnectGoods are sent via our white listed email service. It’s all done for you so you can focus on what matters most – your customers.

Users Create Personalized Messages

Users create a personalized message for each recipient. Tailoring your message to each recipient improves your resonance and results in better conversion rates.

Deliver Charitable Donations as Incentives and Rewards

Recipients choose to either accept or reject the ConnectGood. If they accept it, they pick among a list of the top charities to allocate the funds. This is a key feature of ConnectGood. This puts the power in the hands of the recipient.

Recipients search for their favorite charity

Alternatively, recipients can use the search box. The database contains over 2 million charities from around the world. We only make registered and reputable charities available to select. Exposing the broadest list of charities possible results in maximum levels of engagement with recipients.

Trusted 3rd Party

ConnectGood acts as a trusted 3rd party so your customers can feel secure and confident that promised charitable donations are being funded and processed properly.

Reporting and Tax Receipting

Users can track the status of each ConnectGood. Status updates include bad email addresses or ConnectGoods that time out because they are never viewed. Users also see who has viewed, accepted or rejected all ConnectGoods that they have sent. A tax receipt is generated for ConnectGoods that have been accepted by recipients. Tax receipts can be used by individuals or companies when they file their tax return to claim tax credits or tax deductions. Yes, there is a tax benefit to using ConnectGood!

Social Sharing

Users and recipients have the option of easily sharing their good deed via social media channels. Keep the good feelings going and augment social capital by publicizing your benevolent actions.

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