Frequently Asked Questions

How much of each donation goes to charities?

When a ConnectGood is accepted by a recipient, 93 to 95% of the donation amount is forwarded on to the designated charity. 5-7% covers administrative charges and credit card processing fees. All of these fees and charges are paid to 3rd parties. Our goal is to maximize the donations to charities. ConnectGood only charges a subscription fee to users and a nominal amount to cover credit card fees. ConnectGood also ensures that the charities that recipients can choose from have a good track record and are reputable. This means most of the charitable donations are going to fund actual programs and effect real change. Less of the donation amount is used to cover bloated overhead and administrative fees. 

Can the charitable tax receipt be issued to the recipient?

No. The tax rules in Canada and the United States are very clear on this. The tax receipt must be issued to the person or company that actually pays for the charitable donation. To do otherwise is contrary to tax laws.

For Canada – more details can be found here

For the USA – more details can be found here.

What happens if a recipient accepts a ConnectGood but they don’t convert?

There are 2 main ways in which you can send a ConnectGood –

  1. Contingent (If…Then) – Only send a ConnectGood after the customer has converted and done what you want them to (eg. complete reference phone call, provide a referral, write review etc…). Include a reward offer of a charitable donation in your customer marketing. If the customer converts, then you use ConnectGood to send them the promised charitable donation.
  2. Non-contingent – Send the ConnectGood with no “strings attached”. Typical use cases for this would be to thank a customer for a recent purchase or to apologize for a customer service problem.

The recipient has the option to accept or reject a ConnectGood. If it is rejected you are not charged for the donation. If it is accepted then only at that point is your credit card charged.

Can’t a company or individual sales rep setup charitable donations to customers on their own?

Yes. Many companies use some form of charitable giving as part of their sales & marketing activities but they lack the following functionality that ConnectGood provides. Therefore they are ineffective at driving meaningful customer advocacy and engagement;

    1. Allow the recipient to choose the charity – this is a core feature of ConnectGood. People are passionate about the causes and charities they care about. Allowing customers to decide on which charities to send donations is an important and a unique benefit of ConnectGood. Most corporate programs make a company-wide decision on a charity. This leads to weak customer engagement and buy-in.
    2. Scale and efficiency. ConnectGood infuses social good into everyday business activities whereas corporate programs are small and limited in scope. ConnectGood supports numerous use cases and more are being added all the time. ConnectGood also automates the entire process including the charitable donation, tax receipting and the credit card processing etc..
    3. Social sharing. ConnectGood provides the optional ability to share with your social networks the social good deed you have done.

What charities can recipients choose from?

ConnectGood makes it easy for recipient’s to choose which charity to donate to. There are two options;

1. ConnectGood provides a list of the top health charities, top environmental charities, top international aid & development charities and top hospital charities.

2. If the recipient doesn’t find their favorite charity or cause among the top listed charities then they have the ability to search available charities located in their country by entering the charity name or keywords.

The charities that are made available are selected from a global database of over 2 million charities using criteria such as; is the organization a registered charity in good standing, does the charity meet eligibility guidelines and ensuring the charity is not on any watch lists.

How does tax receipting work?

The ConnectGood user receives a tax receipt for 100% of the donation amount (even though 5-7% of the amount covers admin fees and credit card processing charges).

The tax receipt will show up under your ‘Activity’ for each ConnectGood that has been accepted.

These tax receipts should be retained for your records to support your tax deduction or tax credit claim (depending on your jurisdiction and applicable tax laws).

You may notice that tax receipts are made out from different foundations from time to time. To minimize costs and streamline processes we consolidate donations and send them through different foundations. The goal is to ensure that more of every dollar donated makes it to the designated charities.

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